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Nothing but the truthiness.

Icons are posted at riffed.
See that comm's memories for previously posted icons.

Check out my user info and interests to see more about me. Actually, if you want a good idea of what fandoms I'm into at the moment, check out my icons. They're updated a lot more than my user info.

If we have something in common, then feel free to friend me! I'll most likely add you back. All you gotta do is comment here and let me know where you found me, just because I'm curious.

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bid on me! it's fun!

I've finally gotten sick of being flat broke when all these disasters hit and not doing anything to help, so I've bitten the bullet and offered fic over at help_pakistan. My thread is here. The details are there, but I'm offering a fic of at least 1000 words in Star Trek (Kirk/McCoy), Pundits (Keith/Anderson), MST3K, or Sports Night. Feel free to comment here or PM me if you have any questions. Some things I'll write and some things I won't. Try me. ;D

Like I said, I'm broke so can't bid or donate anything myself, but I figured this was at least something. Even if you're not interested in what I'm offering, check out the other offers! There's some excellent stuff there.


just sit at a computer and open a vein

I took a ride on the crazy train and signed up for au_bingo. Because I love me some AUs and I don't write nearly enough. In fact, I don't think I've written any, really. This shall be remedied! Because I got a fantastic card!

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I'm especially excited for the bingo going diagonal from Other: Celebrities. I don't know what I'll do for that particular one, but prepare yourselves for K/A or K/M kid!fic, the PRT in space!, AND a mirror!universe Sports Night AU, in which Danny finally gets his goatee. I think I'll make the FREE box that K/A FBI agent AU. Because I'm apparently the only one who understand how badly that needs to be done.

The great thing is I have until January to make a bingo, so I can still work on the stuff I've already got in progress. WOOT.

Oh, and did I also mention I'll be doing a Kirk/McCoy AU of The Parent Trap for reel_startrek? :D

mah twitters

  • 17:54 I've now been #FF-ed twice. Thank you muchly, and maybe that's a hint I should tweet more. #
  • 18:00 There's a spider on my ceiling and I'm too short to reach it. It was yo-yoing earlier, messing with my head. #spidermindgames #
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just put my hand in dr. McCoy's handprint. Fuck yes.
in mountains. All i can think is "extreme mellowness advised." also, pretty.

this man is a MENACE

I'm supposed to be doing homework, but homework is stupid. And our heat isn't working and it's exactly 0 (ZERO) degrees out with a -20 windchill so I've barely left my bed and three blankets all day and I realize this is pathetic but I'm fucking cold. ANYWAY.

If you've been around here for any amount of time, you probably know that I think Karl Urban is kind of sexy. And by 'kind of sexy' I mean SO HOT HE COULD MELT THE SUN. I'm just saying I could use the warmth right now. SO I DECLARE A PICSPAM. But not just any picspam. A picspam of Karl Urban SMILING. THAT'S IT. (Yes, inspired by that one post in ontd_startrek, if you've seen it.) The seemingly permanent bedroom eyes and his angry face are pretty amazing, but when he let's a grin cross his face, you can see DIMPLES and his eyes kind of light up. I'm a sucker for men who look very happy, what can I say?



Ffs, LJ, thanks for the comment notifications SEVERAL DAYS LATE. Geez.
Thought I'd make a post of some things I found today that made me smile and/or laugh. Mostly found on todays ontd_startrek party post, because that's how I roll. Also includes pundits and other random shit. I JUST WANT TO PASS ON THE LOVE.

Rachel Maddow invites you in.

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people from the future are so smug.

I'm still on an MST3K kick (I posted the Rifftrax for three ST movies here, if you missed it) so I bring you MOAR MST3K/STAR TREK CROSSOVER MACROS!!

lol 40+ fangirls are awesome. Even if one of them is my mom.